Gloria Tall (Set of 6)


Introducing “Cristali by Bespoke Home Jewels” , a stunning collection of European crystal cut glassware designed for water, cocktails, and ice cream indulgence.

Discover a spectrum of vibrant and pastel hues, each piece exquisitely crafted to elevate your dining experience -

Timeless and Classic Designs
Not only make them visually striking, but Cristali glassware is also easy to maintain, ensuring effortless elegance for every occasion. Dive into a world of luxury and add a touch of sophistication to your table with Cristali by Bespoke Home Jewels.

Size: 6.5 INCH BY 3 INCH DIA

Color: Clear, Black, Deep Red, Yellow, Green, Amber, Pink, Purple, Blue, Assorted

Material: European Glass

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